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How To Prepare For House Washing

How to prep for house wash

Hydro Precision Softwashing is proud to offer comprehensive house washing services for our Hudson Valley clientele. However, before we get started with our pressure washing session, we need to make sure everything is prepared for us. Here are a couple of tips for preparing your home for house washing.

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Make Sure Windows And Doors Are Closed And Sealed

You don't want water or soaps to get inside your home, which is why you'll need to go around your house to see if the windows and doors are shut prior to our arrival. We also recommend removing screens from your windows and to let your neighbors know they may want to have their windows shut as well. Before we get started, we'll double-check to ensure everything is ready.

Let Your Neighbors Know

Your neighbors might be a little surprised if they see our team working around your property but are unaware of our services. It's advised that you notify them beforehand about our work. That way, we can work undisturbed, and you won't have to worry about any panicked phone calls. Your neighbors will also have time to prepare their own homes as well; they may want to move their cars and close their windows to avoid any splashback from our pressure washers.

Keep Children And Pets Inside

Pressure washing equipment requires years of training and experience to operate. We know all the safety protocols involved with pressure washing, and we know how to protect ourselves and others when we work. However, we also need you to do your part. Please keep your children and pets inside as we work. They'll be allowed to go back outside almost immediately after we've finished.

Move Potential Obstacles

In order to efficiently and safely clean your house exterior, we need to be able to move around freely on your property without obstacles or other hindrances. We ask that you move toys, sports equipment, planters, lawn furniture, and anything else that may get in our way. You'll be able to put everything back after we are done.

Provide An Emergency Contact Number

Emergencies rarely happen, but when they do, we want to be able to contact you right away. We need the best way to contact you in case something were to happen. We may never need to use it, but it's always better to be safe than sorry.

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