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Hotel Washing in Lenox, MA

Hotel Washing in Lenox, MA

This hotel manager found my company on a Google search. She reached out to us in need of pressure washing and window cleaning on this hotel property. We did a quick walk around on the property and established the pressure washing would be the first service we provide. We use professional grade surfactants in our softwash solution that do a great job on windows. I informed the client that after our softwash she might be happy with the results on the windows as well. This job involved us using a 40' lift to get to the 3rd level where the stucco was stained with gleocapsa magma. The softwash solution did a great job on the stucco and I was able to watch it dissolve and rinsed it away after about a 15 min dwell time. We took all the proper precautions not to get any overspray where we didn't want it. This Included closing entrances temporarily, using signage, barricades and cooperating with hotel staff. The job went smoothly without any customer inconvenience. We paid extra attention to the eves where the bees and spider nests made a mess as well as the windows which we wanted to get as clean as possible and make sure no solution was left on the glass causing spotting. After a long 2 days we were able to complete the project on time leaving the manager and owners very satisfied with the results. We look forward to many more projects like this and we are also considering traveling a greater distance to accommodate hotel properties like this. As they do provide the lodging needed to complete these jobs out of town.

Service provided: Commercial

Location: Lenox, MA

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